I love code.. I'll be honest.  But I know I'm a rare person that would actually admit that.  And I know the reality is, you probably don't love it so much.  And you certainly don't like digging in it for every little thing. 

Showit never uses a line of code.  Ever.  Think I'm kidding? Watch my tutorial below and you'll see just how easy Showit is, and why I fell in love and so should you.

Yes!  This is the moment everything changed for me.  I've been designing brands and websites for over 12 years using the Genesis Framework for WordPress.  While I still use and love this framework, I started to hear my customers frustrations with the limitations in the ability to customize their websites.  I began the research and learning process of discovering a new option for my customers, and ultimately myself. 

Then came Showit.  I spent about a week playing with the software, and immediately built my first template.  Then suddenly I found myself building my fourth template and knew I needed to offer these beauties to everyone.

Imagine taking all the limits of website design off because you don't have to worry about a single line of code?

It really is the easiest way to edit your website

See just how easy it is to edit your website!

You can literally drag and drop anything anywhere on your website.  You can adjust colors, fonts, sizes, images, placement... I mean it... anything!

It's a drag and drop website builder.  But it's also your host.

You're probably already blogging on WordPress so you get to keep what you're already comfortable with! WordPress is a powerful blogging software and it pairs perfectly with Showit!

It works right alongside Wordpress which is the top blogging platform.

Although there are a lot of video tutorials available through our course after purchase and in the Showit help docs, the platform is very easy to simply learn as you go.  It's very intuitive and doesn't take a college degree to learn!

It's very intuitive and incredibly easy to learn and use!

And so are we!!  We are here to help anytime you need it!  If we aren't available or aren't sure, the Showit team is absolutely fantastic at answering quickly and thoroughly!

Their customer support is there to help you any time you need them.

The top things I love about

Jena May Template

In just 10 minutes I went from template to personalized!

All our templates here at Waymaker Designs are created to work with the Showit platform, which works alongside WordPress.  Showit is a drag and drop website builder that allows you to edit absolutely anything on your site without ever touching a single line of code. It truly gives you all the creative freedom to build a web presence you love and are proud of for your brand! You are able to try the Showit platform for free for 14 days when you click here. 

Oh, it's SO very easy!!  The Showit support team will help you with this part with setting up your domain and getting you all transferred over.  If you have a blog also, they will migrate everything over for you so you don't loose any of your posts or existing pages. 

Each of our templates comes with a built-in blog page, single post page, and a custom categories page specifically for WordPress.  This simply means that you get to use the same powerful blogging platform for your posts that you're used to, but you can customize your blogs design straight in Showit without ever touching a single line of code!  Yes.. I'm serious! You will continue to blog as usual in WordPress!

You can certainly add a shop to your site with Showit using our Shop Page Add-On Template. Showit isn't your best platform if you have over 25 items.  It is best suited for small shop sites.

You can use Shopify lite, ThriveCart (what we use), or WooCommerce (this takes a little more work) alongside Showit for the shop part of your site.

This has to be one of our top questions.  While we display the demo a certain way and with a certain set of images, you can easily edit every single thing you see in our templates.  If you're using a template that is geared towards a podcaster and you're not one, simply delete that canvas and edit the remainder of the site to fit your own needs!  Showit truly allows you to edit absolutely everything, so don't let this stop you!

We do offer installation and customization services for our templates. Our rates start at $1000 and you're required to have all your images and content ready to go for us! If you need some help, get in touch!  We are happy to help!

100% yes!  You can edit absolutely anything you want!  See this video above to learn just how easy it is to edit your website with Showit.

Our support team is here to help anytime you need it!  The Showit support is also absolutely wonderful and you can find them under the little question mark when you're editing your site. You'll have plenty of people around you to help and encourage you along the way.

The short answer to this is yes and no.  Some of the images in our templates are free to use and are from Pexels or Unsplash.  However, some of the images are from Social Squares and in order to use these images, a Social Squares membership is required.

Are you ready?

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